February 26, 2007

I Can't Look Away, But It Is So Very Ugly

Jennifer Weiner has a link to Martha Stewart's web site so we can see her (Jennifer's) February 14th appearance on the Martha Stewart Show. Jennifer was all cute and funny and everything, as was her co-guest, but Martha, what has happened to you?

It may or may not be common knowledge that I am a former Martha Stewart follower. I used to love the show she did in her pre-prison years, especially way back when. It was so calming to me. Her voice was soft and soothing, and she inspired me to want clean windows and floors, to bake giant cookies, and to craft to my heart’s content. Things got a little weird when she would have the pet guy, exercise girl, or other specialty regulars on, but even then I could stand it.

Today as I watched a video of her Valentine’s show I was so disappointed. She has turned into a 60-year-old, white Oprah Winfrey. She tries to be funny and perky. The live audience does nothing for the show except give Martha cause to give stuff away to them, just as Oprah frequently does. She’s got her little side-kick, a chubby flaming audience rouser, a la Emeril.

Unless Martha is going for something completely different than the homemaking theme, she ought to shut up. I’m sad to see her deteriorate into some struggling has-been. But I’ve always been a loyal person, and now that I know I can access videos of her show via her web site, I probably won’t be able to look away. Heaven help me.

One good thing about watching Martha Stewart – I’ll have something to talk about with Faux Ma. She’s a fan and I know for a fact that she watches every day. In fact, I think she watches Martha in her live format more than she ever did the pre-prison format. So herein lies the question: Do I boycott Martha Stewart because she has gotten so pitiful in her attempts to stay on top, or do I watch it like I would any other train wreck in an attempt for better relationship with Faux Ma?

I think the best solution would be to watch the show, but never, ever admit it to anyone.