May 28, 2010

Mixing The Literal With The Figurative

Has anyone ever told you you have dancing eyes?  This is going just a little bit too far.

May 27, 2010

A Touching Moment

OK, I don't know why I'm posting this. It makes me uncomfortable on so many levels. I guess I won't be happy until others are as uncomfortable as I am.

May 04, 2010

What Next? (Or...Can't I Just Ride Out The Wave In Peace?)

Well, if I'm not mistaken these flippin' Nazis have placed even more restrictions on my computer at work.  I can't upload photos to my blog.  I can't upload photos for my Etsy site (to remain nameless).  I can't do anything having to do with photos.  Is it just a glitch today?  Or is this some cruel joke played on a person who devoted threw away thirty years of her life in service to the people of America?  Isn't it bad enough I haven't had a raise in, geez, I don't know how many years?  Isn't it bad enough I have to now fret over the security of my pension?  But now the big shots have to take away my lunch hour free time computer use too?  You can all just go to hell, and take your suck-ass computer-head toadies with you.

(Pardon the lack of pictures in this post.  It totally isn't my fault.)

May 03, 2010

OK, Ick

I've been rather repulsed by society lately.  I'm sick of over population and even sicker of the fact that the country is being overpopulated by and with dolts and psychos.  I know I sound like some old, right-wing, intolerante crabby-ass hag when I talk like this, but seriously, do we want people like this becoming the majority?  There's lots of crap in the gene pool if you ask me.

For more pictures of the shining (and currently breeding) members of society, check out this site.  And God help us all.