June 28, 2010


Life just stinks too much since that one good weekend.

It makes me want to never have good times again for fear of realizing
how utterly senseless my regular times are.

You can't be yourself when you're officious...
That's the curse of a government job.

Maude said that.

I wish I could sleep for a week.

Then clean the house for a week.

Then cook all of my favorite food for a week.

Then watch movies for a week.

Then read an entire book in a matter of days rather than months.

I wish I could sit and do nothing
without thinking I should be doing something
because I have no time to do everything
I need to do

And plus, why can't everyone just be normal?

My standards of normal aren't that stringent.

Beam me up Scotty

There's no sign of intelligent life here.