October 10, 2009

Insights And Anticipation

Well, she did it.  MaryAnn is alive and well and sailing the great seas of literary expression.  My consistent prodding introduced her to a world she has never known before, but one which will prove to be very satisfying if she does it right. 

I'm very well known for telling people what to do, because of course I know what's best for everyone.  I encourage people to take the road that requires guts and determination because the outcome will be that much more rewarding.  Bossy and pushy, I realize I've lived vicariously through those who have taken my advice and leaped into the abyss of the unknown to find their happiness and satisfaction.  Today I realize that I too must search for my bliss the hard way.  Living vicariously through someone else is no life at all. 

I've also realized that pushing MaryAnn to start her blog was my own subconscious screaming out it should be me taking to the quill.  I don't fancy myself a prolific writer, but I like to do it and I believe people should partake in activities that bring them joy no matter what their skill level. 

My excitement over MaryAnn's new beginning is genuine, but is also a giddy anticipation of my renewed insights taking flight into the tangible world.  Back to the blog, says Meredith.  (That's Mrs. Sparrow to you, MaryAnn.)  And so she shall once again attempt to incorporate writing into her daily life.

As for MaryAnn, I hope she can continue to provide inspiration for me.  Good luck to her, and to me.

1 comment:

MaryAnn said...

Continue to provide you inspiration? Oh, the pressure. I think that's worse then your constant nagging! Ha, ha!