June 27, 2006

Generation Gap?

I’m walking to the bank yesterday and the strangest thing catches my eye. It isn’t a new thing. On the contrary, it is something I have seen many, many times – so many times that this time it looked peculiar. There was a group of African American young men walking toward me. They were wearing the baggy pants; I can’t understand for the life of my how that fashion statement has remained so long. It looks like Bert the chimney sweep when he was dancing with animated penguins in the movie Mary Poppins. Now here’s the peculiar part: one of the young men was clearly holding his johnson. Just walking down the street with his package in his hand. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I normally don’t pay attention to such vulgarities as they are quite commonplace in our ever so hip-hoppy MTV society, but with my staring came the realization that this guy isn’t holding his johnson, he’s holding his pants up! The poor kid’s waistband was at weiner level, and what appeared to be some ishy Michael Jackson crotch-grabbing gesture was in fact a desperate attempt to keep from losing his pants!

I ask you, why would anyone want to wear clothes that don’t stay on the body of their own accord? Is it a black thing that I wouldn’t understand? Am I too old to appreciate current fashion trends and statements? Am I just unable to get down with my bad self? Am I not fly? Am I a total nerd because I wear clothes that fit? Or are the fly completely ridiculous?

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Linda said...

Yes, you are a total nerd - and not just because you were clothes that