April 27, 2006


Sometime when I'm feeling a little blue I like to fantasize about my dream house. I've always wanted to live in a mansion, and probably did in a past life. I could never hope to make enough money to ever live in anything bigger than what I have right now. If you'd like to donate to the Buy Meredith A Mansion Fund (BMAMF), please indicate so in the comments section of this entry, as well as any future mansion-related entries, and I will give you the particulars on where to send your hard-earned money to put me up like a queen.

I took a drive today, down the avenue of my dream houses. I found that quite a number of them were for sale. There were none over $2M, so I might be in luck. Could I ever imagine shelling out that kind of jing for a house, not to mention the taxes (easily $12,000 a year) and the upkeep a building that is over 100 years old?

Here's just one of the homes that is actually for sale. I would love to live out my fantasy. Please, give generously.

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