April 29, 2006

Beehives and City Slickers

It's a rainy day in Minnesota. It's not a stormy day, but a refreshing day of spring showers, which will do us well.

Driving through the neighborhood on my way home from the grocery store I noticed a woman holding a leash, watching her dog nosing around and crapping on the boulevard.

The woman obviously disdains rainy weather, or else must preserve the hairdo she receives every Friday at the local beauty salon. She had on her head a silk scarf (or polyester, probably) and one of those fold-up, clear plastic rain bonnets over the scarf. She also carried an umbrella. As we all know the slightest bit of moisture will ruin that hairspray-riddled bouffant (also known as "beehive") in a minute.

What completed the picture was that her little, yippy, butt-sniffing dog was wearing a rain slicker. A little, yellow, doggy rain slicker. Ten-to-one that little tail-wagger scoots his poopy hind-end across her beautiful Persian rug to relieve himself of the annoying itch of worms, but heaven forbid his flea-infested fur be cleansed with nature's spring-fresh rain shower.

Perhaps I can't relate to all of the woman's headdresses because I've never done anything with my hair except wash it every day and have it cut when needed. But believe me when I say if I ever were to own a pet for the sake of companionship or out of a basic love for animals, I would never, ever make it wear clothes.

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